Friday, June 18, 2010

Signs We're in the South

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded where we live and from these two photos, it's clear: We're in the South, home of good old boys and beer on every corner.

I ran into the old boy in the truck downtown recently and he had a Stars and Bars dew rag in addition to the real thing hanging out of the pole hole in his truck. Engine sounded like a Harley and smoke came out the back. One of the tires was bald.

The business here, offering a cold beer to its haircut customers, didn't have a lot full of them, but it was early. I consider this brilliant marketing.


  1. I've spent years now trying to think of a new sign of the South that we can all rally behind, that doesn't make me roll my eyes because it's paired with bumper stickers reading "Pride not Prejudice" or "Heritage not Hate". I've been leaning toward a stool from the Greensboro Woolworth's, where the sit-ins started, but I'm biased since Greensboro is my hometown. Thoughts?

  2. I should stay away from this.


    I'm all for the beer on every corner, but the flag turns my stomach. I pass the "old boy" on my way to work several times a week. His display is one of my least favorite things about Roanoke.

  3. Sarah: I'm kinda partial to the image of a sweating glass of 30-weight sweatea (one word, no lemon) with a sprig of mint hanging over the edge. It'd look good on a flag and who the hell ever got in a fight over a glass of iced sweatea? Well, diabetics. There's that.

    Chad: Truth is there's no offense if nobody takes it. If the old boy didn't attract ire, he might put the flag away and slap on a Save the Whales bumper sticker. Somebody needs to tell him that's how you get girls.