Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Just a Good Place To Be Sometimes

That's me and Barney (the "Mayberry Deputy" is what he's called so he won't violate copyright laws) and Barney's bullet.^

To my left are Tommy and Jean Denton and Keith Ferrell.^

You know, I'm not much of a baseball fan and never have been (not much of a player, either), but I thoroughly enjoy going to the games at the beautiful ball park in Salem, where the Red Sox play. Tonight's game against Kinston was just about a perfect example.

The crowd was large, but not overwhelming, the evening cooled with a gentle, but persistent, breeze, the company extraordinary and the baseball pretty good (we watched a no-hitter for nearly six innings, but starter Caleb Clay got pulled after four--as would only happen in the minors). The only bug on this windshield was big-voiced guy behind us--who called himself obnoxious before we could get to it--whose constant pronouncements were problematic. The rest of it was so good, though, that we forgave him.

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