Monday, June 21, 2010

Politicians: A Place Where They Rank First

My profession--for good reason--gets clobbered in these periodic surveys where people are asked who the professional slimebags are. We're almost always in the Top 10, but, truth be told, we haven't hit the very bottom yet.

A new survey from Sandler says there's been a bit of jostling in the past year or so and the title of Least-Trusted Dirtbag has slid (in its own slime) from sales to ... TA DA! ... politicians. This survey was taken before BP put the literal slime back into the competition.

The people surveyed voted overwhelmingly for pols: 68 percent ranking them first. Salespeople had a relatively paltry 9 percent and were second, followed by lawyers (7 percent), journalists (6 percent), bankers (6 percent), and mechanics (5 percent). Sitting 4th is better than lying in first, but I don't know how much better it ever will be for journalists. We made our own bed, though. There's no arguing that.

David Mattson of Sandler is quoted as saying,“This survey reflects the fact that the sales industry has gained respect in its perception with the general public, but there is much more that can be done.” My guess is he's just being nice. Sales people didn't rise to second; politicians fell to first.

(Graphic is a Thomas Nast cartoon of Boss Tweed.)

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