Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kendig Awards Presented at Roanoke College

Crowd gathers around the second floor railing to munch and chat at Roanoke College.^

Two-time Kendig winner me (left) with this year's literary award winner Roland Lazenby. Roland flew in from L.A., where he was covering the NBA finals, for the ceremony.^

Kendig art winner Betty Branch has created a lot of beauty, including her daughters Polly (left) and Sally.^

Emily Paine Brady Carter (etc.) with her buddy Beth Kendig (right).^

Some of the food was so pretty nobody wanted to eat it.^

Bill Kendig flanked by his wife Pam (left) and sister Beth.^

An impressive gathering of representatives of Roanoke's arts community was on hand at Roanoke College's Wortmann Ballroom tonight to honor 10 individuals and institutions with prestigious Perry F. Kendig Awards from the Arts Council of the Blue Ridge.

Recipients of the awards included Betty Branch, Roland Lazenby, Steven White, George Cartledge Jr. and III, Robert Bennett of Grand Home Furnishings, Jacksonville Center, the late Ann Masters, Sarah Tune Doherty and Reynolds Homestead. (Here is who they are and what they did to deserve the Kendigs.)

The Kendigs are annual awards given for artists, performers, writers and people who support those disciplines. It is named for former Roanoke College president Perry F. Kendig, a strong patron of the arts and a writer of some note.


  1. Enough with the award- and grant-related entries! It's your blog, but that stuff's more appropriate for a Facebook page than here.

  2. Anon: You are exactly right. It is my blog. What is in it is of interest to me first and if it ceases to interest me, it ceases. The award entries take a look at some capable, accomplished people whom I admire. I like people who do and these people do. Facebook is for people who talk.

  3. Dan,
    Have you ever noticed how the Internet has made cowards of us all? So many anonymous posters. Why do people have the idea that if they speak frankly they don't dare add their name?
    By the way, thank you for taking note of the awards and presenting them so well. The photography is sharp (in my case, a little fuzzier would have served better).

    Thanks so much.