Sunday, June 13, 2010

Scout Builds Two Bridges on Greenway

John Peake (green shirt) with his mother, Nancy, and one of his pals work on one of the bridges. (This photo was shot with a damp cell phone, so the special effects are unintentional, but pretty.)

This is the first bridge, just over the creek and up the path from Fishburn Park.^

The second bridge is larger and further along.^

John Peake, a Patrick Henry High School cross country-running senior, got a couple of goals accomplished with one project Saturday.

As a runner, John noted that there were a couple of bad spots on the PH cross country circuit. They needed bridges.

As an Eagle Scout, looking for a project that he could organize and finish with help from his friends, the bridges kept jumping out at him.

He enlisted a couple of pals from school, his mother, Nancy and his father, Walt, along with a truly inspired selection: E.J. Miller Construction Company owner Joe Miller (who posed for this month's Valley Business FRONT cover in a haz-mat suit). Joe had the expertise.

The bridge is not only welcome for John's cross country team, but I can name at least one old guy whose knees will thank John personally the next time they cross these bridges and see him. Thanks, John. Nicely done, young fella.


  1. These bridges are fantastic and were a welcome addition to my morning run today.

  2. My wife and I are eyeing Roanoke as our retirement spot of choice - and the greenways are certainly part of the reason Roanoke holds so much appeal for us. Thanks to all who have made them happen!