Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Continuing Saga of the Fountains

That downtown Roanoke public fountain story won't go away. It appeared that it'd been at least partially solved Thursday when the big fountain between the parking garage and Norfolk Southern was turned back on.

Seems that was just a test. It's off again.

Meanwhile, the two fountains in front of Spectrum Design--at the end of the plaza across from Fire Station No. 1 (where my son got married)--remain dry. My pal John Garland, who owns Spectrum, has offered to spend the money getting the fountains up to speed, then keep them running, saving Roanoke City the money.

Here's the response from Steven Buschor of the city parks department, upon John's request to do that: "If you wish to sponsor this fountain, by copy of this e-mail, I will request that our Building Maintenance Division schedule the fountain for removal of plywood, cleaning, and preparation for operation. We will issue an invoice for your records in the amount of $390. Just a reminder the City of Roanoke is a tax exempt agency and your donation is quite possibly tax deductible."

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