Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daisy: Weirder Than Usual

Daisy dressed in her summer finery^

Our off-brand black fuzzy Persian cat gets a pretty close shave about once a year as weather allows. It's a defensive move for Christina and me, who have spent the entire winter picking up (or leaving lie) large balls of fur on the carpeting, bare floors, sofas and chairs all over the house.

The first year we had Daisy shaved, her normal neurosis intensified to what was an almost pitiful level. She was devastated. But after about a day of freedom, not carrying around all that hair, she became positively bouyant. She's home from her annual shave now, still floating on the meds (drunk, I'd say) and her housemate, Moochie, is looking at Daisy thinking, "I told you she was crazy. Look at this."

Tomorrow, she'll be happy. But ugly. Really, really ugly.


  1. Hi Dan,

    Melissa on Sapelo here. Pete forwarded this photo to me. How awful and humiliating for kitty!

    But it reminds me of my desire to shave my head and have the words SPANK ME tatooed on it when I turn 55. Wouldn't that be funny!

    Say hi to Christina for me,

  2. Melissa:
    Don't you dare shave that gorgeous red hair!