Friday, May 8, 2009

Yard Art (Recycled) From Mexico

That's my buddy the chicken with me and a nifty tractor above^

Radford's Kenny Edwards, who operated Lamp Post Mercantile & Pottery for years, has a fun little display of yard art set up at Grandin Gardens (next door to the Grandin Road Post Office in Roanoke). It's so good that my wife, the Goddess of Yard Sculpture, couldn't resist. She bought a chicken. It's not like the one pictured here (with its buddy, me), but it'll do.

If Kenny's name sounds familiar, you might remember him as a badass linebacker at Virginia Tech 30 years ago. His son, Touchdown Tommy Edwards (who was with his dad tonight at the Gardens), is pretty memorable, too.

The yard art (and I just love this little tractor pictured here) is made in Mexico from found metal. In keeping with with Grandin Gardens' mission, what we have here is recycling. We also have international relations, creativity, commerce and chickens. I love chickens.

Prices range from $6 for glass flowers to a $400 mailbox (neither of which seemed to fit with the good stuff made by the Mexicans). Go down and take a look. Talk football with Tommy (and with Grandin Gardins owner Pete Johnson, who played for the Bears--yep, Da Bears) and find my pal Polly Branch and chat about recycling. She's really into it.


  1. Where can I find these sculptures?

  2. Anon: This post is about 18 months old, but fortunately Grandin Gardens in Roanoke still exists. Ask there. The sculptures are done by a person who shows at GG in the warm months. Cool stuff.