Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chris Berry's 10 Rules for the Greenway

This is the kind of lovely, bucolic, dangerous scene that will drive a person on a bike crazy. Are mother and child going left, right, straight? Where? It's unpredictable and maddening^

Chris Berry, a Facebook/Twitter pal 'o mine has posted 10 Rules for the Greenway that I believe should be engraved on tablets and enforced by Homeland Security. They are sensible, safe and they can bring out the courteous humanity in all of us.

The reason the rules are necessary is because some of us are uncaring, self-centered, boorish, entitled jerks who believe the world revolves around us and our needs. Many of these lovely people are young mothers who seem to set the standard for air-headed negligence.

Here are Chris' rules. Read, obey and enjoy your greenway trip.

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