Monday, May 11, 2009

A Look at the Dying Camera Store

Gordon Ewald (above) talks about the demise of the camera store chain^

Former Ewald-Clark camera store owner Gordon Ewald, whose family had the regional chain in Roanoke for 50 years, takes a look at the demise of camera shops as we know them here. Today, Gordon is, happily, a flight instructor. I talked to Gordon today and some of his inside information and observations are fascinating. Read it at moreFRONT, the blog of Valley Business FRONT magazine.


  1. You know, you know that I love digital, and that has certainly taken much of the need for the camera store away. HOWEVER, there have been so many times when I have been saved by Lynchburg Camera--when my roll of backdrop paper ran out in the middle of my shoot, or my flash was broken and needed fixing, or I simply needed some technical advice on a function. These guys that man these shops are such assets too us. It's a shame that they are becoming defunct.

  2. Lori:

    Assets they are and they can only find part-time work (big box stores) in what has become a profession for them.