Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tweetboy Joins the Battle (@vbFRONT)

My pal Jill Elswick left the office a while ago and I now have in my immediate possession ... TaDum! ... a Twitter account. (The address is @vbFRONT)

With my naturally addictive personality, I'm not so sure this is a good thing. I've spent nearly the last two hours tweeting and playing with my little tweeter (sounds vaguely suggestive, huh?). In October, Anne Clelland of Handshake2.0 led (pushed) me into blogging and we all see how that turned out. An average of more than an essay a day since Day 1. And loving every minute of it.

I had thought--and still suspect--Twitter of being a bit on the frivolous side, but, when you get down to it, so's most of what's on my blog (and probably all of what's on yours). I was especially interested in the ruler that comes with Twitter, measuring who's reading it and where they are. That's intriguing. Response is, of course, immediate and gratifying. I hadn't had my account for more than five minutes when I already had seven followers. I 've been blogging for nearly seven months and have only 27 or so registered followers. Do the math. I guess people like their information shorter than I've been providing it.

Anyhow, thanks Jill. Another trick for the old dog. Fetch, boy! Fetch!


  1. I've only been on Twitter for a couple of months now, and I am completely addicted. There is a lot of frivolous crap floating around, but it has also proven to be a tremendous networking tool. I find that I am spending a lot less time on my blog now.

  2. Chris:

    Can't dump the blog. That's the voice, the raison d 'etre.


  3. Dan:

    I was delighted to introduce you to Twitter today. You are a fast learner. By the time I got home, you had posted three more tweets.

    Welcome to the Twitterverse, @vbFRONT!