Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Very Best of the Star Trek Movies

Let me enthusiastically join the chorus of those waxing effusive about the new "Star Trek (2009)". Christina and I saw it at the Grandin Theatre last night and it is slam-bang summer entertainment, respectful of and loyal to the original and it has carved its own niche at the same time. Quite a fete for a project that faced the heavy scrutiny of Original Trekkies, Latter Day Trekkies, I'm Not A Damn Trekkie(s) and a host of other people ranging from the addicted to the mildly familiar with the form and substance of the Gene Roddenberry creation. gives the movie a 96 percent approval rating, judging from an average among the reviews it has received.

I'm not going to go blowing the plot, but this is a "prequel" that goes back beyond the Enterprise to the childhoods of both Spock and Kirk and gives you believable background, context and full substance. All this is accomplished--along with a major battle in a continuing war--with fall-on-your-butt humor, great characterization (get a lot of Scottie and Bones: "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor not a physicist!" and "Jim, I can't generate that much power!") and crisp writing and direction.

Go see it. You'll want to applaud when it's over.

(One itsy-bitsy warning for the Original Trekkies: There are two variations on the original story line involving death that will drive you nuts and allow you to say, "I told you so!" but, hey, get over it. This is the best of the Star Trek movies.)

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