Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Back What I Give Out--Ouch!

My friend Betsy Gehman (see the Mother's Day post below) suggests I need a "course in anger management" because of my little rant below (two rants, actually) about mothers who hog the greenway walking and biking path.

Even worse, she criticizes my syntax in a paragraph I--advisedly--removed, one having to do with overpopulating the planet. In that unfortunate grouping of words, I blamed the mothers without equally blaming the fathers. My excuse was weak: the mothers were on my greenway with their dang kids and the dads, probably out playing golf somewhere, weren't.

Betsy is sometimes the harshest critic I've ever had*. "Irresponsible, arrogant and stupid? Yeah, that pretty well describes the above paragraph," she wrote, turning my words about mommies on me. Good tactic. Effective in this case, too. Bruised hell out of what little ego I have left.

Once again, I take the responsibility for killing a fly with a hammer and I accept Betsy's criticism, which came packaged every bit as harshly as mine. Maybe I'll learn something. Maybe not. We'll see.

(* At one point Betsy called me a misogynist. That means I "hate women or girls." As my courser side suggests, that is bullshit.)

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