Saturday, May 16, 2009

... the Bad ...

Oh, don't we love little mothers and their double-wide Hummer baby strollers, taking up every single inch of the greenway in Wasena Park this a.m. The one in the middle (wearing black) isn't satisfied with two little knee biters, she has another on the way and her T-shirt tells us that this is not an isolated group of mommies, but an organization (my wife calls it a "phalanx").


  1. Dan,

    You need to check out my 10 Rules For Greenway Users. We've even got a Facebook group.

    10 Simple Rules For Greenway Users

  2. Chris:
    Chat's a great entry. I love every one of them. Basically, though, they come down to this: Be courteous and considerate and get your head out of your selfish ass. I made that last one up.

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