Saturday, April 19, 2014

Photo Eassy: A Grand Day for Flying a Kite

Kite-ettes buzz around the giant kite at the festival at Green Hill Park.
It's a bird; it's a plane; it's a KITE!
Tangles happen, especially at kite festivals.
And sometimes they get hung in trees.
Some even come as kites.
Stacked kites.
Dragon Kite and Pegasus Kite.
She'd be a kite fancier.
Flags of all sorts lined the field.
TV journalist Kimberly McBroom and her young'un.
Dad photographs daughter.
Old guys can play, too.
Blanche Williams thanks Bunny for her Easter basket.
Kites obscured nearly everything else.
The Roanoke County Kite Festival at Green Hill Park west of Salem drew a surprisingly large crowd today and those taking part were greeted with brisk kite-sailing winds throughout. The temperature was moderate, the clouds keeping it from getting too hot and it looked like a lot of people were having a grand time. Here's some of what it looked like.
There was even a little 4th of July mixed in for fun.

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