Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Lunch of Comparing Journalism Notes

That's student Andrea Siso of Houston and moi and the W&L group at lunch.
Grizzled editr pontificates.
Lunch today was a marvelous opportunity for me to chat with a group of about 15 communications students from Washington & Lee University about starting a magazine, which is one of their class assignments. The professor is my old friend Doug Cumming, who was with his attractive-on-every-level wife Libby today.

I took a look at what goes into starting a magazine business, being as realistic as possible with it, and strongly suggesting that they forego the printed version (though I don't know if the class assignment allows that). If you're interested, the text of the talk is posted on the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference blog (here). There's some good information in that talk, accumulated from a lot of years in the business.

Delightful and delicious (Nora's Cafe at the Taubman Museum of Art is one of my favorites) afternoon spent with some good friends and some very bright students. I love being around their enthusiasm and curiosity. It renews an old man.

Washington & Lee students get ready for a talking-to.

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  1. I hope you pointed out that with all that great writing and beautiful design, somebody till has to sell ads!
    -Doloris Vest