Saturday, April 19, 2014

Not Much of a Threat to City Farmers Market

Veggies are gorgeous, seasonal, expensive.
Crow was a nice size this morning.
Blanche Williams talks to one of the bakers.
Healthy Stuff is a Market regular.
Because I'd heard so much about the threat being posed by a new farmer's market at the Greenbrier Nursery in the Cave Spring section of Roanoke County (near Penn Forest Elementary School), I thought it would be worth a Saturday morning trip over to see what was up.

I found a pleasant, though small, market with quite a bit of fresh produce and some wondrous baked goods. It was expensive. It was quite busy. Looked successful. One table in the tent was vacant. And, of course, Greenbrier is one of the best large nurseries in these parts.

So, I went down to City Market to see what the damage was. Didn't seem to be any. It was busy, full of vendors and the atmosphere was upbeat. Seems there is plenty of room for two, three, four or more markets in the Valley.

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