Monday, January 21, 2013

Virginia Senate Sneaks Through Gerrymander on Inauguration Day

If you think the Republican Party in Virginia is playing it straight with the voters of the Commonwealth, you might want to take a look at this latest outrage: here.

While almost everybody had an eye on the inauguration--including one of Virginia's Democratic Senators, who was in Washington--the Repubs slipped through a re-districting bill that passed 20-19 in their favor (votes along party lines). If the Democrat had been in attendance, the vote would have tied. That would have cast the deciding vote to Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bowling, who has said he has no stomach for this kind of manipulation of the electoral system. The bill likely would have been voted down.

You, Virginians, have once again been screwed by the party that has tied up our national government into a non-working knot and now wants to do the same to Virginia. It is time to start voting some of these bastards out of office.

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