Friday, January 18, 2013

Photos of the Day: Snow Day, First Light

The melting begins (we hope).
My backyard sentries, in dress uniforms, with hats.
Here's why DirecTV didn't work last night.
Footprints became clumps of ice quickly.
Little birdie in the snow, shivering in the bitter cold ...
Star City, Snow City.
Why my truck door wouldn't open this morning.
The bird feeder's empty.
Heavy weight to carry.
Snow on the pine.
OK, I'm a sucker for clotheslines.
My view, complements of Appalachian Power Company.
A closer view of the view. Aren't the power lines lovely?
Here's the view from the Smith ranch first thing this morning, a morning that didn't begin as beautifully as some of these photos indicate. First, I broke my snow shovel (sorry, mailman). Then my truck door wouldn't open because of the ice holding it tightly. Then I went out to shoot a few pictures, shot them and went to upload them, but there was no disc in the camera. I shudda gone back to bed. But I didn't and here's the proof.

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