Monday, January 28, 2013

Language Disaster of the Day: Definitely Unanimous

A story from the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot that a local daily in Roanoke ran on its website today needed a little more copy editing than it got. The story is about a bill in the General Assembly that would help define bullying in order to regulate it. Here's what it said in part:

"State code does not, however, definite what constitutes bullying."

The bill "would require schools to allow students to unanimously report bullying incidents and require administrators to investigate and address those claims, such as by offering counseling for victims or behavior modification plans (for?) bullies."

Here's the whole story. See if you can read it without grimacing. The writer is Kathy Adams. I suggest she have a prayer meeting with the copy desk, which is supposed to have her back. It doesn't.

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  1. Ha. Copy editor "Spell check complete? Let's publish!"