Sunday, January 13, 2013

Photos of the Day: A Warm Weekend

This is what the picture sees when you hang it. That's me with Leah, Bea and Paul Clements.
Leah (from left), Betsy and Rachael.
These two photos don't appear to have much in common, but they do. They are a truly warm part of the weekend Leah and I spent together.

At the top, I had to get into a far corner of the room and hold the Nikon with the 10mm lens up high (like hanging a picture) to get the room, the table and Leah's son and his wonderful wife Bea into the  viewfinder. This is their new (like 1800 new) cabin near Lynchburg, one they've put thousands of dollars of sweat equity into already. Their fingerprints are all over it and you can feel the warmth.

The lower picture is of three of my favorite women: Leah, Betsy Gehman and Rachael Garrity. The intellect in this room when the photo was taken was so big, it drove me out into the hall. Love them all.

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