Saturday, February 12, 2011

'That's the dress I wore to the prom ...'

Samantha Hawley, who plans to wed in June, tried on wedding dresses Feb. 12 at the Goodwill Industries retail store on Williamson Road and ran into quite a coincidence as she looked behind her. Deidra Stultz (in the blue dress) had left Northside High School's Saturday morning basketball practice to look for a prom dress and this one seemed to score. Samantha looked at Deidra as she was being photographed and said, with delight, "That's the dress I wore to the prom last year!" The bridal gown day was a special promotion at Goodwill.


  1. Dan - had to read this post because I really wanted to see the dress you wore to the prom! :) Joking aside, Goodwill is a great organization!

  2. Johna: Sorry to mislead. Mine was pink chiffon.