Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Taylor in Roanoke May 20

OK, Boomers, Sweet Baby James is on his way.

Singer James Taylor will appear at the Roanoke Civic Center Friday, May 20, with tickets going for $67 and $87. Tickets go on sale Friday, Feb. 11 at 10 a.m. at the civic, online at or by phone 877-482-8496.

Taylor has earned 40 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards and five Grammy Awards for a catalog running from 1970s “Sweet Baby James” to his Grammy Award-winning efforts “Hourglass” (1997) and “October Road” (2002), to his Grammy Award- nominated Covers, his last solo release.

His individual hits are standards: "Fire and Rain," "Country Road," "You’ve Got A Friend," "Mexico," "Shower The People," "Your Smiling Face," "Carolina In My Mind," "Sweet Baby James," and many more.


  1. 87 bucks for ONE ticket!!!???! Do I get to share a drink with the band after the show? Who is getting rich at those prices? I don't expect the $4.99 prices for a vinyl album and $20 for a concert floor seat from the days of my youth, but seriously -- who can afford those prices these days? Much as I would like to take my wife to hear James again (we saw him when he played Virginia Tech years ago), there is no way we can shell out even the "bargain" $134 (plus, how much in "handling fees"?) for what would probably be rafter seats. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Frankly I expected much higher prices. My best friend and her fiance and I am coming for sure, as I have adored Sweet Baby James for ever so long, and will not miss this chance to see and hear him perform.

    Dona Luna

  3. Interesting that the ticket server "crashed" early in the sale, plus there was no limit on the number of tickets that could be purchased for this popular concert. How much will the secondary market be pushing the tickets for via StubHub and eBay after it blocked out the casual concert-goer? Was DonaLuna one of the lucky ones to grab tickets or will her date be a $200+ event? And people wonder why it is difficult to attract events to the civic center.

  4. Not a big fan; made good music back in the day but has offered nothing original since. But agreed to go with my wife who attempted to buy tickets when they became available online. She struck out. Tickets were sold en masse to ticket wholesalers who will resell them at a considerable profit. They will go for as much as the rich folks are willing to pay. I would imagine $200 might be at the low end. John and Jane Doe will not be able to attend. Taylor and Roanoke City should not allow this. A cap should be placed on the number of tickets sold in one transaction. This gives the music industry a well deserved bad rap.

  5. I just found tickets online for $399.

  6. That's unfortunate for anyone but the wealthy...I say go to Kirk Ave or the Jeffeson Ctr. or any other small venue in town. Rates are much lower (how could they not be?), you won't have a bad seat and IMHO the music is better!