Friday, February 4, 2011

Striking a Beneficial Deal in Richmond! How Novel

There seems to be the smallest hint of effective collaboration coming from this region's delegation to the General Assembly, something you haven't heard much of for a number of years. Del. Bill Cleaveland of Botetourt County is watching his modest bill that would give Roanoke the option of starting its school year earlier than the state mandates move forward.

The bill may not pass--and it may; hard to say at this point--but more important than whether children are in your living room or the school room in late August is that the Morgan Griffith-less delegation is working together for the benefit of the entire region and not just for Morgan Griffith's campaign chest. Griffith resigned recently and won a U.S. House seat--one I suspect he'll occupy for two years until the horror of what they did settles on the Ninth District voters.

A story in Roanoke's daily paper (here) gives the details of the detail--including that two thirds of Roanoke's school children depend on free or reduced-price meals, meaning when school's not in many of them don't eat--of the dealing and it's impressive for a group of mostly new-ish representatives. One could take heart if one were of a mind.

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