Sunday, February 6, 2011

How a Dope Gets Elected to Congress

If you've wondered how a plodding, slow-witted, dim bulb like Morgan Griffith defeated one of the most consistent, intelligent and honorable men in Congress during the last election, a story in the L.A. Times will give you a pretty good clue. Here it is. My pal Tom Barger sent me the link.

One point that the Times article doesn't make is that the Republican Supreme Court's decision on campaign finance (effectively saying a corporation or any other organized group is a "person" with full citizenship rights of free speech, which is patently absurd, but is the kind of logic you expect from this pack of ravenous Constitution shredders) enabled massive infusions of secret, outside money to be channeled to people like Griffith.

He's a man of such monumental lack of accomplishment and narrow intellectual scope that he has never wanted to operate in the open. He is a guy who doesn't like to speak publicly, debate or even be interviewed because he is so easily exposed as a doctrinaire fool. These are the people who are manipulated by the obscenely wealthy people like those in the Times story.

The Times article is scary on a lot of levels, not the least of which is watching people like Griffith replace capable, intelligent, accomplished legislators.

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  1. Wasn't it Griffith who offered to debate Boucher in every county and Boucher declined the offer. How many debates did Boucher agree to attend? Boucher was the stealth candidate, not Griffith.