Friday, February 18, 2011

Here's Why We All Adore Republicans

This is random, I know, but logging headlines in today's Huffington Post, then Googling "GOP Opposes" and "GOP Supports" resulted in the following:

  • GOP Sends State Troopers After Dem Leader
  • Planned Parenthood Funding Blocked In House Vote
  • House Votes To Defund Health Reform
  • House Blocks EPA From Regulating Greenhouse Gases
  • Government Shutdown More Likely Than Not
  • GOP Goes After Funding for Public Broadcasting
  • Sarah Palin Goes After Michelle Obama Over Breastfeeding Initiative
  • House Debates Blocking Funds for Reform
  • Goodlatte Seeks To Block Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Funding
  • GOP Opposes Vote Extending Middle Class Tax Cuts
  • GOP Opposes Meatpacking Changes
  • GOP Opposes Federal Fracking Regulations
  • GOP Opposes DREAM Act (immigrant education bill)
  • GOP Senators Oppose U.N. Children’s Rights Convention
  • GOP Opposes Medical Funding for 9/11 Victims
  • GOP Opposes U.S. Envoy to Damascas
  • GOP Opposes Policies That Will Help Economy
  • GOP Opposes Expanded Water Act
  • GOP Opposes Extension of Unemployment Benefits
  • GOP Supports Extending Tax Cuts for Wealthy
  • GOP Supports States’ Rights
  • GOP Supports Offshore Drilling
  • Iowa GOP Supports Amendment To Strip Obama’s Nobel Prize
  • Montana GOP Supports Police State
  • GOP Supports Survival of Fittest


  1. Where is the "this is why we like democrats"

  2. GOP eats puppies!
    there is another one. Come on, just because it says a headline like these it means nothing. What is the real stand? If this was a real newspaper, rather than a liberal rag like the Huffington Post, I may agree with you.

    John Tutle

    1. Which of these headlines are you arguing, John? You're shooting the messenger, not arguing the message.

  3. Where is "GOP supports the US Government living within its means."


  4. GOP is the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.