Friday, February 25, 2011

The New Economy: Good Jobs for Bad

Graphic from Sen. Al Franken's Web site.^

As the Koch Brothers and their toady-boy Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin attempt to strip any remaining voice from the American worker, there comes word that the job growth we've been experiencing nationally of late is a good bit more underwhelming than you might expect.

Richard Eskow tells you what you need to know about the Koch gang and its attempted takeover of the American workplace (and the huge government contracts it will reap in the process) here, but as important is that good jobs in our economy are being replaced by jobs that either don't pay a living wage or are barely there.

The National Employment Law Project tells us that jobs in high wage industries constitute 14 percent of growth and 40 percent of job loss; jobs in low-wage industries had a 23-percent loss rate and gained 49 percent. The middle lost 36 percent of its jobs and gained 37 percent back.

The housing and financial sectors lost the most jobs. Here's a look at the report.

And here's a final insult to injury caveat courtesy of my pal Bonnie Cranmer. Seems employers and recruiters in the U.S. want job applicants who have jobs, not those who are unemployed. How many ways can that be wrong?

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