Saturday, November 21, 2009

Way Too Many Pix from Grandin Xmas Parade

The boys of Roanoke City Council bonding^

Mayor David Bowers and his significant other^

Mary Bishop and Dan Crawford wish for peace^

Patrick Henry High Militia has corks in its guns because it is anti-war^

A young father takes a photo of his child^

A handsome young man is ready for Christmas^

This is a Presbyterian Church group, but I'm not sure which^

Some people like dogs, some cats, some llamas, some camels ...^

The Little Rascals has nothing on these little ones^

Nobody told Miss Roanoke Valley that if she holds this pose too long, she'll get stuck in it^

Oh, you think this is just a bunch of ties? Nooooo. It's a turkey's tail^

Big Gulps and Slurpees and hotdogs (the back of one, anyway) and a cup of coffee brought to you by 7/11, which is not to be confused with 9/11 unless you're talking about health food value^

Raleigh Court has its own Vikings^

The World Famous Norman Fishing Tackle Choir^

Here's our favorite movie theater. My wife and I get to walk to the movies^

Local Roots Cafe shows off its healthy foods^

Diane Elliot of Local Roots is a potato in her off hours^

He'll grow up to be a Boy Scout some day^

Scouts today, soldiers tomorrow? Let's hope they don't have a war left to fight^

OK, ask him if he really made this car (like the Little Rascals)^

A Boy Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful and doesn't pick his nose during parades^

Raleigh Court is a hotbed for transportation^

Pretty girl, pretty music, pretty flute^

Low fiving the Wild Things^

Santa got to ride the fire truck, which most of the kids wanted to do^

The Grandin Village Children's Holiday Parade, which kicks off the Christmas season and is the highlight of the social season in these parts, telling you a whole lot about what an adventure we're all living. This one's straight out of a Rockwell painting and wouldn't you love to have the freckles concession?

Today, as always, there were just about an equal number of people watching the parade and walking or riding in it and my guess is that just about every one of them had a good time, especially when the Norman Fishing Tackle Choir strolled by.


  1. Nice pix! Thanks for reminding me of home while I'm holed up in a London hotel room, Twittering. Just like I do at home.

  2. Looked like a lot of fun was had by all. Interesting group of particpants! The corks in the guns for a "militia" may be "clever" but sure is dumb..they don'th have to be in the militia... Could have done without the quip about 9/11 (and 7-11). Glad you had a good time out there in your stomping ground. Our parade over here is not as---interesting?

  3. It's just like I was there again. :) Diane officiated at our wedding. She is a gem (or potato, in her free time). We were a little farther down by the 7-11. I've seen you and your wife out strolling when I was out doing the same. Happy to be a part of the Grandin community. When I lived in Garden City, I dreamed of walking to this little parade (where my children have marched in bands, etc) and now I can. I love it. Thanks for the great pics.

  4. Oh, and I just have to say, The Norman Fishing Tackle Choir has been my favorite part of the parade for years. After my children were out of band, of course. :)

  5. Lisa:

    Next time you see us walking, please say hello.