Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Public Radio Essay Was Run in Error

(Update: Gene Marrano says the essay will run next week on the Thursday "Studio Virginia.")

I'm getting calls about a public radio essay of mine on Radio IQ this morning that sounded unedited (it was) and that didn't end with an ending. I talked to Rick Mattioni at WVTF-Public Radio and he tells me that the electronic file of the essay was incorrectly pulled from the system and played.

The essay--about a square dance team in competition--will run on "Studio Virginia" (I hope this week, but I can't say for certain) and it will have a beginning, a middle and an end. It will not have sentences re-read because of a flubbed word, either. People who have had trouble believing me when I tell them that I don't read well out loud understand the truth of that now. Editing makes a huge difference in print and on radio. I've been fortunate enough to have good editors in both places over the years.

One note of gratitude: Normally when I blow a line, I stop and blurt, "Oh shit!" or something worse and start over. This time--for some inexplicable reason--I didn't do that. Thank you, Jesus.

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