Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Not-So-Subtle Message

Back in the old days of the Blue Ridge Business Journal when our publisher Jim Lindsey was driving me crazy on a daily basis with a degree of micromanagement unknown in the annals of man, I came up with the above poster and put it on my door. I thought the hint would be meaningful and it was to the degree that Jim said of it, "Oh, I know people I'd love to say that to."

Sometimes the message is just marvelous, but it misses the target audience.

These days I'm dealing with several different projects where approval of a wide variety of people is necessary and I'm on the verge of suicide again, so I thought I'd re-acquaint my peeps with Clint's not-so-veiled threat. Won't do any good, but, hey, I'm trying. Sanity is a good thing.

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