Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Blog Policy: Identify Yourself

Because there have been a number of people who have anonymously made some pretty serious accusations about individuals and institutions in the "Comment" portion of this blog, I have instituted a new policy:

If your comment needs attribution and doesn't have it, I'm taking it down. What needs attribution? Comments that attack people or institutions with or without the credibility of factual background. Casual comments that don't impugn personal integrity or improperly attack people or institutions don't require full ID. I ask that you who disagree with me--and I welcome disagreement and argument--have the courage of your conviction and tell me and anybody else reading this who you are. Cowards are not welcome here.


  1. Dan
    You just guaranteed yourself absolutely zero criticism of Carilion. We use code names because we fear for our careers and the financial well being of our families. This is not a matter of being a "coward". What risk do you take defending Carilion? None. We put at risk our entire financial future.
    You seem like a good guy, Dan.If you had real working knowledge of how brutally Carilion deals with dissent....I think you would approach this subject with a much more open mind.
    If I was you, I would encourage people to speak out for or against Carilion regardless of whether they identify themselves or not. Maybe you would learn something you don't already know?

  2. Terps: If you've already lost your freedom of speech--actually given it away--what do you retain that is worthwhile? If fear is ruling your every move, how can you be comfortable as a citizen of the U.S.? I have lost much over the years by speaking my mind and will lost more in the future, but nothing I have lost is as valuable as my freedom to say whatever the hell is on my mind and take ownership of it.
    If you have examples of Carilion "brutally" dealing with dissent, please let me know and I will make sure a senior-level executive is presented with the evidence.