Friday, November 13, 2009

Seinfeld in Roanoke March 12; Tickets on Sale Nov. 20

You people don't deserve me^

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is hitting the road in a return to stand-up comedy and will be at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theater Friday, March 12 at 7p.m. Tickets are $65 and $78 and will go on sale at the Roanoke Civic Center ticket office Nov. 20 at 10 a.m.

They’re also available online at or by phone at 877-RCCTIXNow (whatever the hell that counts out to; you figure it out). Recently called “the master stand-up comic of his generation” and “the best comedian of our time” by comedy-challenged critic Tom Shales, Seinfeld jokes about the little things in life that relate to audiences everywhere (he calls it “nothing” and most often that’s what it is).

Truth be told: I never got Seinfeld and have never found him even remotely funny. But, hey, that's me. I'm a Jonathan Winters guy with a little Steve Martin, early Robin Williams, Stan Laurel and Joe Queenan tossed in. That gal Kathy Griffin does it for me, too. Funny, funny woman.

Seinfeld? Don't get him. He needs a pie. My understanding is that the last time he was here he made some indelicate inferences about the state of intellect of the citizenry in our mountains ("dumb rednecks" comes to mind). I wonder if that'll be recalled by his fans.

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