Thursday, November 12, 2009

If the Creek Don't Rise ...

View from above the former mobile home park; the river's high^

Water creeps into the parking lot at the former site of the low-water dam on Wiley Drive^

These touristas view the area where the former low water bridge along Wiley Drive has been torn down; this is the area where major blockage occurred during floods^

Flood waters creep toward the Greenway along Wiley Drive^

The multiple inches of rain that have fallen on the Roanoke Valley as the result of the dying breath of Hurricane Ida have tested all of the flood control devices along Wiley Drive and in Smith and River's Edge Parks in South Roanoke.

All that work has apparently helped. I saw very little of the road that had water on it (in the past the water would have gone well into the park's baseball fields, basketball courts and even the skateboard park). The major blockages at the former low water dam near the parking lot on Wiley Drive and the low water bridge, which is gone and will be replaced with a bridge that is much less intrusive, are history.

The lone impediment to a smooth-running river is the second low water bridge on Wiley Drive, which I couldn't get to in order to take photos. My guess it is covered with debris. No money has been allocated to that bridge's removal.

It was an interesting, first-time view of the free-flowing river.

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  1. Want to know what happens when a 22,000 acre lake rises over 4 feet overnight. Docks disappear, things float off banks, canoes move without paddles or people, boats get crushed against roofs of boat houses. I hope my dock returns soon. The floating dock and pontoon are about a foot higher than the stationary dock, which my husband just finished staining for the winter. Go figure!