Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pearl Fu: Starring in Tomorrow's No Shame Theater

Even before I got the following e-mail from my dear buddy Pearl Fu (right), I had called Christina to see if she'd grant me a date for tomorrow's No Shame Theater production at Roanoke's Main Library (12:15-1 p.m.).

But this locks it up. Remember, Pearl is our own international ambassador, the woman behind Local Colors, the daughter of a Nationalist Chinese General (second in command to Chang Kai-shek in WWII), and a woman of great culture, wisdom and kindness. She's also funny as hell.

Here's Pearl's wisdom in Pearl's inimitable style:

"My volunteer Chad Runyon [with Local Colors] has become the GM for Studio Roanoke. [He] has persuaded me to be in tomorrow's No Shame Theater [production] at the city library 12.15 to 1 PM. I requested: 'No nudity, no obscenity and no love scenes.' My last appearance with No Shame was more than 10 years ago at Mill Mountain Theatre. With my [lack of] mobility, I asked Chad to write me as a statue. If you are looking for a laugh, intentionally or unintentionally, please come tomorrow. By the way, Spring CHo would not do this! She is smart!

"Fearless dragon Pearl"

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