Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another Arts Layoff That Hurts

Cuts in personnel at arts organizations is like the revolving door at the college football office. Turnover is constant and almost inevitable. But sometimes somebody is fired/laid off/quits and it just hurts. Such is the case with my pal Michelle Bennett (right), the funniest woman in Roanoke, who's sad today.

I feel particularly awful about this one because Michelle is very close to being the soul of the arts in our region, a woman of considerable intelligence and courage who has stood against the forces of evil upon occasion and who has always fought for her industry in every way she had available.

I'm hoping that like our buddy Jason Garnett, she lands solidly on both feet and is able to spread around that particular joy she has in such abundance, as well as that talent.

We're in your corner Michelle. Don't forget that.

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