Monday, March 15, 2010

Get Your Fund-Raising Hands Off 'Antiques Roadshow'! Dammit!

As one who's been bitching for years that Blue Ridge Public Television's fund-raising interrupts "Antiques Roadshow" with programming that would insult an idiot (the music is so lowbrow that it hits the jaw), I was interested tonight to see that one of the few TV shows I watch has been incorporated. I was a little nervous at the prospect. I was right.

The Roadshow ran for about 15 minutes before taking a fund-raising break (which is going on still, nearly 20 minutes after starting) that has been interminable, repetitious and thoroughly without interest on any level. It is the loop-like quality of what Jeff DeBell once called the "beg-a-thon" that annoys the hell out of me.

My wife just left, she said, to "call and give them some money" and I asked, "So they'll shut the hell up?" and she grinned. I was on to her. And I'm on to them. They wear you down and now they're doing it with the only show on TV (other than ballgames) that I enjoy. They're using it on me and I'm pissed.

As I've said for years, BRPTV could take a lesson from WVTF Public Radio in fundraising. Radio simply sticks with the programming that has made it what it is, breaks occasionally to ask for money and gets it in short order. I admire that. I don't admire what Public TV does and if it keeps interrupting and riffing off "Antiques Roadshow," I may be forced to shoot somebody.

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