Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just How Dumb Are These Bastards?

As expected, a Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee (where all good bills go to die on the basis of about five Republican votes) killed a bill yesterday that would prohibit discrimination against gay state employees. Each of Virginia's past two Democratic governors has issued an executive order opposing this specific type of backward, dim-bulb idiocy, but our short military governor says he has no intention of doing that.

Gov. Bob McDonnell is an acolyte of Rev. Pat Robertson and two of Robertson's allies were on hand yesterday to speak against a bill that would have codified an anti-discrimination proposal, which had passed the Senate unanimously (that means without opposition: unanimously, boys and girls).

One of these lovely, evolved personages speaking against the bill was and representing something called the Virginia Assembly of Independent Baptists suggested the legislation would give the House's approval to bestiality and pedophilia, which these knuckle-draggers like to equate with homosexuality, but which has no more to do with homosexuality than with hetrosexuality. As if anybody with an ounce of sense would need it, there is plenty of research to the contrary. Anyhow, the committee heard 11 people supporting the rights of gay people and two opposed and the two won.


  1. Next up: Pi will be rounded off to 3.

  2. Craig, there's no budget for places after the decimal in these hard times. Maybe in the go-go Clinton years. If you want your fancy tenths and hundredths, try France, pal!