Sunday, March 7, 2010

Griffith Channels Palin: 'I Can See the 9th ...'

Jimmy Gladden, one of the truly memorable redneck liberals of the century, has the best Morgan Griffith one-liner of the election season (which I'm afraid has begun).

A little background: Jimmy lives way over in far west Salem--more Glenvar, actually--and my guess is that he's a voting member of the 9th District, where Griffith has announced his candidacy for the long-held House seat of Rick Boucher. Jimmy, a construction guy whose education is a little less formal and a whole lot more complete than that of most of us, once called himself "a liberal with a gun."

With apologies to Sarah Palin, Jimmy (via my pal Emily Carter), is quoted as saying, "I can see the 9th District from my house."

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