Saturday, December 13, 2014

Roanoke Christmas Parade: An Overview

Here's what a Christmas parade should be about.
Patrick Henry High band.
We've had our great bitch-out on the shortcomings of the Roanoke Christmas Parade (see previous post), but it wasn't all bad. There were some highlights, though I didn't stay past the appearance of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans and their Confederate battle flags.

Here's a representative look at some of the better highlights of the parade, an event that needs a lot of work if it is to become what it has been in the past: the best parade in the region. At the moment, it is the worst.

Thousands lined the sidewalks.
The Dickens of a Christmas group, for which the parade is named.
Haley Toyota's blatant commercialism made a lot of us sick.
Militarism was in poor taste for a Prince of Peace parade.
Candy for the kids is obligatory.
Loved the tap dancers and they make a good photo.
One of several large floats (though I could have done without the motorcycle on it and around it).
Cool car.
Polar Express was a gift of the Roanoke City Water Authority. I like it.
What's a parade without an old fire truck?
Dozens watched from the parking garage downtown.

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