Saturday, December 6, 2014

Republicans and Job Creation: Not So Much

I made an assertion--in the heat of the moment--the other day on Facebook that Republicans hadn't created any jobs since Eisenhower. That was wrong. They have created a few. Not many and not in the league with Democratic presidents since that time, but a few.

Reagan did pretty well and so did Nixon and even Gerald Ford in the 20 minutes he served. Eisenhower was spotty and not very successful, considering the growing economy of the time. Bush II was better for a while than Bush I, but then he did his major screw-up which could last for decades and nearly sank the entire economy. It was left to Obama to save us ... without getting credit for it. And he has.

Look at the top chart for Bush I and II vs. Clinton/Obama. Pretty telling. Below is a recent history of Republican economy vs. Democratic economy. I'll take the Dems.

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