Monday, December 8, 2014

Pigs and Turkeys and Christmas Past

I'm the pig (on the left) and Warren Fry is the cow in Dwayne Yancey's skit.
We had a small, interesting Liminal monthly reading at Community High School tonight. There were probably six or seven of us and there were five or six pieces read.

Two of the pieces were cynical Christmas, including one of mine, and other had the same basic tone as mine, based upon "The Night Before Christmas." That was done by environmental engineer Allison Cole. Janeson Keeley read a piece about giving the right gift--the one based on honest charity--for the season.

I also did a sentimental little piece about my daughter's first real Christmas. I'll probably post that here on Christmas Day. I like it.

Dwayne Yancey had a funny piece wherein a pig and a turkey were chatting about what the farmer had up his sleeve. I got to be the pig. I thought I was pretty good. Certainly looked the part.

 (Below is me reading "Santa Came," the piece about my daughter's first real Christmas.")

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