Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix Price Rise: Just in Time for Me

This is discouraging. I don't know what it is about having my name in your list of customers, but invariably, I sign up and the price increases. Happens all the time. I recall that a few years ago I changed from electric to gas energy for my house. That month, gas prices went up 40 percent.

So I get the news today that Netflix is changing the way it charges us. Prices are going up 62 percent immediately from $9.99 for its dual services of DVD rental and movie streaming to $15.98 a month. The service went from $7.99 to $9.99 last year. You can buy each service separately for $7.99 a month, but if you enjoy movies--especially the ones that don't make our market--it is almost necessary to have both services.

Some of the DVDs aren't available streaming and DVDs are, in general, much less convenient. Sony, in fact, recently removed its entire catalog from streaming availability. That's a lot of movies and many of them are the independents I prefer.

There are 24 million Netflix users in the U.S. and my guess is this company is getting richer than a Republican lawmaker in a lobbyist's office. Netflix started the day at 286.80 on the NASDAQ and at this minute (3 p.m.) sits at 294.06. The stock exchange loves a good price increase. The price has jumped from 55.09 in 2009 to 175.70 last year to its current lofty status. And I don't see it coming down soon, unless George Bush buys in. Or I do.

(Graphic: businessinsider.com)


  1. I was outraged when I received the e-mail from Netflix about the price increase, which is actually closer to 60% than the 38% you note, at least with the plan I have now, at $9.99, going to $15.98 for the identical service is that big an increase. I would understand a modest price increase for the combination of services but 60% is ridiculous. I'd be better off using Red Box and Hulu, which I may very well decide to do.

  2. I too just received my price increase notice and I feel they should change their name to address this issue. I propose "NutTwist". Seems only fare.

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