Friday, July 22, 2011

"Captain America": Republicans Kick Nazi Butt

Repeat after me: It's OK to go see "Captain America." It's OK if your friends see you there. It's OK to like the movie. Really.

No need to be embarrassed, just so long as you know exactly what you're doing: escaping everything you know is real into a Republican utopia where a guy dressed in an American flag (Ronald Reagan) is representing all that's best in humanity (and who has a really cute girlfriend with too much lipstick). He fights Nazis, one of whom is worse than Hitler and who gives new meaning to the term "redhead." Red's right-hand man is a Karl Rove look-alike who manages his campaign with the slogan is "Ve vill rule de vorld."

This isn't just a movie with flashy special effects; it's a movie about flashy special effects. The plotline is so thin that if you turn it sideways it becomes invisible: good guy created by good scientists represents good against evil guy created by evil science representing evil. Straight-ahead stuff. The good people are pretty (except for Tommy Lee Jones and he's interesting) and the bad people--especially Karl Rove and Red--are ugly and overdressed.

Fun movie. It's at a bunch of theaters and if you've seen everything at the Grandin Theatre that's worth seeing (and you probably have, since pickings there are thin this week; "Midnight in Paris" is it), the Captain is a nice diversion.

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