Friday, July 22, 2011

Layoffs at Breakell Inc. in Roanoke

Nell Boyle
(Updated: Stan Breakell confirms layoffs.)

Breakell Inc. in Roanoke, the much lauded construction company with the hyper-green reputation, has laid off several employees, including highly-regarded Nell Boyle. Breakell has won a number of awards in the past few years and has been the contractor on a string of high-profile projects.

Nell has pretty much been in charge of Breakell's green efforts for the past few years as director of sustainable practices. She's a former executive director of C2C Home, LLC.

Owner Stan Breakell confirmed the layoffs, saying, "Due to the continued economic slowdown and other business issues we have elected to 'get lean' for a while."

Nell's a good one, and the company has some very good people.


  1. Nell is brilliant. I'm very sorry to hear about Breakell's decision but feel certain that is wasn't an easy one. Anyone who works with Nell, as I have had the good fortune to do, is impressed with her professionalism, natural savvy and fantastic personality.

    And I'm also a great admirer of Stan Breakell. I sincerely hope that all works out to the benefit of both in the long term.

  2. Have Stan and Nell watch Video Nos. 10 and 16 at

    Then listen to Mike Brasberger, Sr. tell the story of his $1 million construction company turnaround at

    They can "Chat with the Expert" using the live chat box that will slide onto the page

    All the best to Breakell and company