Thursday, July 7, 2011

City Picking Up Brush As Quickly As Possible

The boys and girls in the brush pickup department with the City of Roanoke are having quite a time of it since the 75 mph winds a couple of days ago made toothpicks out of those pitiful--and abundant--Bradford pear trees everybody was so excited about some years ago.

The city planted the brittle, but beautiful (and pollution absorbing) trees, in huge numbers and since the plantings, every wind has split and fractured them, amounting in god-knows-how-much spent cleaning up the wreckage. The cleanup guys are running their routes a little late this week, but from what I've seen, they're efficient and good at this, so be patient with them. They'll get to you.

Here's a press release from the city that tells you how they're doing what they're doing and how you can help make this as efficient as possible.

Recent storms and related tree damage have resulted in unusually large amounts of brush being placed to the street for collection by City of Roanoke Solid Waste Management crews. In recognition of these abnormal conditions, citizens should be aware of the following for curbside brush collection during the week of July

• Brush piles that exceed the normal allowable limits of 4 feet x4 feet x4 feet will be collected in their entirety.

• On a resident's scheduled brush collection day, avoid parking next to the brush pile to allow unrestricted access to the brush during daylight hours. Please note that City collection crews plan to work into evening hours to take advantage of available daylight.

• Brush, trash and recycling need to be available for collection by 7:00 a.m. on regular collection days as usual. However, some trash collection services may be delayed by as much as one to two days as city resources are adjusted to handle the large amounts of brush.

• Brush placed for collection should be cut to manageable sizes, typically four feet in length and four inches in diameter.

• Brush that is cut by a contractor for a fee is not eligible for collection by city crews, rather, it should be removed by the contractor.


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