Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 35th to The Roanoker Magazine

The new issue of the Roanoker magazine is on the stands and it's one of the more interesting I've seen in a while (yes, dang-it, I wrote a piece for it, but that's not why it's so good. Uh, maybe it is).

This is the 35th anniversary and editor Kurt Rheinheimer asked Roland Lazenby and me to go into the past and project into the future with lead stories and I think they turned out well. There are a number of other reminiscences in the magazine, as well, and there's the added benefit of seeing a photo of your favorite editor with no hair on his face, but plenty of hair cascading over his collar (not to mention that great tie with the ugly pigs on it).

Richard Wells, publisher of the Roanoker, and I worked at a local daily in Roanoke together 35-plus years ago when he decided to break away and become a publisher on his own. We'd come up here from Asheville's newspaper (we are both Asheville natives) and were both sportswriters. Richard got interested in skiing and opened Ski South magazine, then the Roanoker and since then a bunch of others (including the excellent Blue Ridge Country).

Congratulations on the success of these ventures and for sticking through every type of economy to remain at the top of the game.

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  1. Nice! I intend to pick up a copy since the ugly pig tie has piqued my curiosity.