Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Good Interview at 101.5 Radio

Bruce Bryan and your favorite editor ready to go on air at 101.5.

Bruce Bryan and I sat down for 30 minutes this afternoon to record Roanoke Valley Conversations, which will air on 101.5 FM, WVMP (call letters you almost never hear). It is right here.

It was actually a lively session and I found Bruce to be an engaging and engaged interviewer whose level of enthusiasm is catching. We enjoyed it. Tune in. You might, too.

By the way, while I was in the studio I did a promo ("101 point 5, the music place" is all it says), something I would have a lot of trouble doing for anybody else because nobody else plays music I listen to. Haven't for a number of years.

Occasionally, public radio plays some nice jazz, but that's rare (when it's played and when it's interesting), but mostly radio is bottled and canned bullshit. Radio play-lists are embarrassing. 101.5 plays music that we don't hear anywhere else locally (and most of it doesn't get played anywhere nationally, either) and it's good stuff, completely devoid of a strict demographic, which drives programmers up a tree.

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