Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Nice Haul from Happy's: Cameras to Cantaloupes

The $3 cantaloupe from Happy's.^

Kodak Autographic Brownie from 1914-1934 (big gap, but it's the best I can do).^

1985 Nikon L35, the first Nikon AF compact.^

Big haul at Happy's this a.m. Picked up a cantaloupe for $3 that is bigger than my head ("Don't eat anything bigger than your head" is the dieter's credo) and two interesting cameras for my collection.

The camera collection is mostly popular models, not much that's exotic. When people see the collection, they often go to one camera and say something like, "My grandmother had that same camera and took pictures of me when I was 5!" Kind of a People's Collection.

The Nikon above is the L35 from 1985, the first Nikon auto focus compact camera. Nikon was behind Canon for many years with the AF cameras, then with the digitals (its early models were simply awful). A bargain at $4.

The Kodak Autographic Brownie was manufactured sometime between 1914 and 1934 (my guess would be the bottom end of that) and cost $50.50 new--a pretty good pot of money at the time. Condition is a problem with this one and it's probably not worth the $5 I paid, but I like the camera, so it's not a loss.

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