Sunday, April 12, 2009

So How Does That Corporate News Thing Work?

That's the Masters logo (intimating mastery over CBS, no doubt)>

I just got a disgusting example of how corporate profits permeate television news. During "60 Minutes," a news brief break noted--in its only entry--not that there had been a dramatic rescue in the pirate incident off the coast of Africa, where the American captain was rescued by the Navy, but that some guy had won a freakin' golf tournament.

Sure, it was the Masters and sure CBS has a contract to make certain the Masters is treated as if it is the most important event in human experience. The tournament ends on TV each year by a group of serious men sitting in front of a fire place discussing the tournament as if it would shortly lead to world peace.

I just hate being annoyed by these little idiocies, but, hey, how can anybody with even the seed of a brain not be?

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