Monday, April 6, 2009

Slop Me Another Taquila, Baby

I just got this press release (never having imagined what casually sloppy slackers bartenders are):

"Do you know how much profit bars and restaurants lose each week due to loss in liquor? Whether it's from sloppy bartending, over-pouring, free drinks or even theft, restaurant and bar owners have always suffered from this universal plague of the hospitality industry known as 'shrinkage.'

"In today's trying economic times, this hits many operators harder than others. In fact, businesses lose about 20percent of profit on average to shrinkage. With food costs rising, gas prices fluctuating, delivery charges from vendors continuing to climb, and theft among employees prevalent--what can local bar and restaurant operators do to control costs?

"Roanoke resident Mark Manson owns BEVINCO, a liquor inventory control service for business owners in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Christiansburg and Blacksburg. Speak to him about how his services, which include innovative technology and weekly audits, can help reduce shrinkage to a negligible 5 percent."

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